Sierra de Keranlouan

Rosevale Masterpiece (Merlin)

Sierra de Keranlouan with Rosevale Masterpiece

Sh. Ch. Rochus Viviane with Jayricnbrits J.W. (6 CC's, 3 RCC's & 5 BoB's)

Top Puppy 2005, Top Bitch 2006, litter sister to Rochus Volcan J.W.

Rochus Volcan (Archie) at 4 months

Me with Anne Massie and the Callac Horse, France. Classically "cobby".

Sierra & Bona - "There's a rabbit in here somewhere!"

Sierra, Bona & Archie - Feb.2009

Rowan (Rochus Bastian) in the woods and 'on-point'  - owned by Jo & Mike Howe

 Rochus Briega  - owned by Sue & Steve Guilliard

Harry (Rochus Corentin) -  owned by Marilyn Smith

Rochus Ferdi for Callmillard - owned by Sue Axtell

Pictured with his trophies for achieving CACS, Meilleur de Race and Group 2 -  Maubeuge 2013

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