SH. CH. Rochus Folio


Top Brittany Puppy 2011

CC and BoB at LKA 15/12/2013

5 CC's 

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photo by Sue Axtell

RCACS at Maubeuge 2013


Brittany Club of GB Championship Show 2013.....Judged by Mme. Chantal Cescon


OD 1 Andersons'  Sh Ch Rochus Folio, excellent model, typical head with expressive eye & good earset. Excellent chest & ribcage in all three dimensions; good topline. Excellent pasterns & rear angulation. Excellent bone & feet. Very cob with correct movement.

Good news from Laboklin - Sh Ch Rochus Folio's sable test.
at / at
"The dog is homozygous for the Allele at / at at the A - Locus.
That means the coat is black-and-tan/tri-colour in the pigmented areas if the A-Locus is expressed (depending on the E-Locus and the K-Locus).
The dog can only pass the at-Allele onto his offspring."